Infographic of the Marketing Mix

I have researched marketing integration for the numerous channels/mediums of advertising and marketing. A Google search for “infographic on marketing integration” directed me to this overwhelming infographic on Creative Traction‘s blog.


Marketing Mix Map

Marketing Mix Map

The map notes that it is not a comprehensive list of every marketing channel. There are so many channels for companies to reach consumers. The growth and changes in platforms and technology doesn’t make communication any easier.

The challenge is to make all these channels work together. It is becoming more and more important to integrate communication between channels as content continues to increase.

I like to take myself out of the advertising bubble and think about communication as a user/consumer. Honestly, the massive amount of content is overwhelming along with all the different channels, which house the content. I appreciate clear, constant communication.

Oh and if you have trouble following the map… you are not alone. I am excited about the challenge to try to make the marketing mix work together!


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